Web Version (App Version is at the bottom)

1. In AAX official website: https://www.aax.com/, click the “product” button, select and click “Spot” in the floating window to enter the trading page


2. Sections of Spot trade interface


Trading Pairs (Window would open upon clicking the trading pair)


Trading pairs could be switched in this window

  • AAX currently provides spot trading base on 3 currencies, BTC, ETH and USDT, and totally 28 trading pairs. (up to 10 Oct 2019)

  • Name, latest price, 24h trade Volume, 24h trend of price and mini trend chart are shown in the trading pairs switching area.

  • By clicking the star icon on the left hand side of this window, you can bookmark specific trading pair and view it on the left side when you wish.

Market information:


Detail market information is shown in this area, including the price of base currency (e.g. BTC/USDT, BTC as base currency and USDT as quote currency), the price range, 24h High ,24h Low and 24h Volume.。

Candlestick Chart:

The Candlestick Chart shows the trend of trading pairs, it can be shown by different time, which includes showing by minute, day, week, month and year. The Candlestick Chart also support various indicators and mapping tools.


Chart above is shown by minute


Chart above is shown by day

Order Book


The order book shows all the buy and sell orders in the market.

Sell ​​order: All orders on the market that traders wish to sell (shown in red)

Buy order: All orders on the market that traders wish to purchase (shown in green)

Details of the latest deal is shown on the left.

Order placing area:

Traders can buy or sell digital asset here, AAX supports 3 kinds of order type: Limit order, Market order and Stop-limit order.


Limit Order: placing an order at a specific price.


Market order: placing an orders at market prices.


Stop-limit Order: Set a trigger price. When the order reaches the trigger price, the order will be placed according to the set price.

Orders and asset area:


Open orders, Order History, Trade History and Funds are shown in this area.

Open orders : orders that his not been filled

Order History: All orders excepted filled orders, including orders that has not been filled or has been cancelled etc

Trade History: All filled orders


Historical Orders: All trade orders, including unfilled orders, cancelled orders, etc., except for filled orders

Asset Detail: There is a quick view to the entry of asset on the trading page. You can view the asset details without opening the wallet. This section contains the total amount, the available balance, the frozen balance (the balance of the open order), and the estimated price converted to FIAT.

App version

1. Home page of Markets

Enter the market page (spot trading page), the first page shows user's favourite transaction pair. You will be recommended some currencies at your first entry. Users can also collect their favourite transaction pairs.


2.Page of Quotes

Currently, AAX has three currency trading areas, namely BTC, ETH and USDT, and nearly 50 trading pairs (Data as of October 10, 2019). The page shows the name of the trade pairs, the latest price of base currency (such as NEO/BTC, NEO is the base currency, BTC is the currency of the quote) and the ups and downs within 24 hours.


3.Check Orders

Click icon on the top right corner of the page. It displays the order status for all products, including spot transactions, future transactions, and orders for over-the-counter transactions.


4.Click any of the trading pairs in the market, as shown in the example BTC / USDT trading pair


Name of Transaction Pair: the name of transaction pair on the page

Favourite: Click to add to favourite, and click again to cancel favourites

Market information: This area displays the details of the market, including the latest price of the base currency (such as BTC/USDT, BTC is the base currency, and USDT is the currency of quote), rise and fall, the volume, and the highest and minimum price within 24 hours, etc.

Candlestick Chart: The diagram consisting of candlestick patterns is called Candlestick Chart. It can be divided into minute diagram, daily diagram, weekly diagram, monthly diagram, and annual diagram according to time. The Candlestick Chart also includes tools for supporting multiple technical indicators and diversity mapping.

Order area: there are open orders, order history, trade history. All orders placed in the order area will be displayed in this area, including time, pair, type and other information that can be seem.

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