1. How many decimal places am I allow to put in for the transfer in ERC 20 USDT?

  • The system currently allows up to 6 decimal places for transferring in/out for ERC 20 USDT.

2. Is there any minimum size of USDT to withdraw, also is there any fees?

  • The minimum withdraw amount of ERC 20 USDT is 20 USDT, and the withdrawal fee is fixed at 4USDT per transaction.

3. How long does it take to deposit/withdraw?

  • It depends on the ETH blocks, but most of the time will be within 10 minutes.

4. Would I able to withdraw in ERC 20 if I deposit my USDT in OMNI?

  • Yes, it can go both ways. Once the USDT has been successfully deposited into your wallet on AAX, you will be able to withdraw at any time through either ERC 20 or OMNI. Please be reminded to select the correct method as well as your wallet’s address before confirming the payment.

5. How do I differentiate my USDT from both channels?

  • The easiest way to differentiate ERC 20 or OMNI is by the TxID. All of the OMNI USDT starts with the address of 1 or 3, and the ERC 20 must start with 0x, for example:




ERC 20:


6. Under what circumstances that the USDT deposit/withdraw could go wrong?

  • Due to the channel of ERC 20 doesn’t require for a memo, the failure of the transaction will most likely because of wrongly input the wallet address.

  • Please be reminded that all users must go into the deposit page and select the ERC 20 wallet before the actual deposit, as it could make sure the wallet address has been activated.

7. What happened if I deposited my ERC 20 USDT into an OMNI wallet?

  • The process itself cannot be done as they are from different protocols.

  • Be reminded that to make sure 1) selecting the correct method, 2) make sure the ERC 20 wallet has been activated, 3) make sure the address is correct.

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