What if the Tag/Memo/Payment Remark is incorrect?

There is certain currency require a Tag/Memo/Payment Remark before the payment can proceed. If user inputs an incorrect remark, please contact our customer service through live chat to request an amendment for the deposit/withdraw transaction:

  • AAΧ User ID, Amount and Currency, ORD#, TxID, Correct Tag/Memo/Payment Remark

What to do if withdrawing to a wrong address?

AAΧ is unable to trace or return any payment that had went through but to a wrong address, please try to contact the recipient with other measures.

What will happen if I deposit by wrong currency type?

Different currencies are supported by different addresses, which means that if a certain currency is sent to the wrong address, this could result in the permanent loss of those funds. To avoid this, please ensure that you’re transferring a compatible currency.

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