What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure built to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts by requiring a second factor layer. For example, 2FA could be an additional verification code from E-mail or SMS after inputting the login password. For security reasons, we suggest all users to install and enable Google Authenticator as it provides a time limited verification to minimize the risk of leaking personal information.

Please see the following tutorials for how to install or reset the Google Authenticator:

Install and set up Google Authenticator

How to reset Google Authenticator (2FA) ?

How to disable Google Authenticator?

  1. Once login, go to security settings from personal information, then click “disable” on Google Authenticator;

  2. After a successful verification finished and the function will be disabled.

For security reasons, we suggest keeping at least one 2FA verification method enabled at all time.

Potential bind failed message

If the binding result shows fail, please ensure the Google Authenticator App is up to date as well as the time on both the device and computer are synchronized.

How to disable Google Authenticator if authentication device is lost?

Please send us a video request from your registered email to cs@aax.com per following requirements:

1. In the video your face should be shown clearly, and your voice should be easy to understand.

2. In the video, you should clearly state your AAX account information and a disclaimer that account holder will be the one responsible for the risks, AAX has provided an example as following:

I, ( your name ), ( UID ), ( ID ), request and authoriseAAX to cancel Google Authenticator from my account with effect from ( date ). I understand and agree that this video recording is the basis for my instruction and I shall not hold AAX responsible or liable for any loss and I shall solely bear the risks in relation to my instruction.

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