AAΧ partners with Google Authenticator to add a layer of protection to your account, please follow the following procedures to install:

First, please download and install Google Authentication from App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android) on your device.

Login to AAΧ account and “enable” Google Authentication under the Security Center page in Account


Find the QR code or the 16-digit 2FA key


Open the Google Authenticator app, click the [+] symbol on the top right to scan the QR code or enter the 16-digit 2FA key manually.


Once it's completed, the Google Authenticator will be activated immediately.


Save the backup key

It is recommended to save the 16-digit manual key and keep it in a secure place. In case you have lost your phone or need to reset the 2FA verification, this key will provide ease to reset in the meantime.

If you have lost your device and the backup key, please contact our customer representative as soon as possible for special handling.

For security reasons, please also enable the SMS/email verification alongside with the Google Authenticator.

How to disable Google Authenticator?

  1. Once login, go to Security Center from Account page then click “disable” on Google Authenticator;

  2. After a successful verification finished and the function will be disabled.

For security reasons, we suggest keeping at least one 2FA verification method enabled at all time.

Potential bind failed message

If the binding result shows fail, please ensure the Google Authenticator App is up to date as well as the time on both the device and computer are synchronized.

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