In order to secure your AAX account, its recommended to implement the four major steps from the following:

  • Do not share your password to anyone;

  • Do not dial any number claims to be AAX Support;

  • Do not send out funds to anyone claims to be a member of AAX;

  • Enable Google Two Factor Authenticator.

Anti-Virus and Trojan Guideline

It is highly recommended to check the device periodically by using installed anti-virus software to see if there is any trojan or malware that could leave your network vulnerable.

  • Recommend to login AAX account on internet browser without any plug-in extensions under security mode and verify the coin address before using;

  • When receiving an address, we suggest users to paste the coin address to a notepad to reconfirm legitimacy once upon copying;

If the above addresses are inconsistent, it indicates that your computer might be infected by a virus, trojan, or malware.

URL Spoof

User is less secure from phishing websites when using search engine referrals, browser plugins/extensions, third party or invalid applications. Clicking the URL link may result in leaking your personal information and potential loss of assets.

Please be aware of the fake websites’ domain, website links and never disclose your credentials.

What is Email Phishing?

Phishing is a type of online scam where scammers send an email that appears to be from AAX and ask you to provide sensitive information.

Community Channels Scam

AAX sets up a number of community channels on social media and our official customer service representatives to handle general inquiries.

  • Our representatives would not contact our users through direct message nor request any personal information (such as passwords, 2FA code) from our user;

  • Please contact our representatives through our live chat support on the website/mobile app once you need further assistance.

Please do not respond to any personal or account information request from anyone and we recommend you to report such cases to our representatives immediately.

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