We encourage you to reach out to the merchant or buyer on the chatbox to resolve the trading issues on the top right corner. If further helps is needed, please raise a transaction dispute and let our representative provide immediate assistance.

How to raise a transaction dispute?

A dispute is only available on the web version. If you're using the app, we suggest that you log in on the web version first. Then, find your P2P order through your personal profile on the top right corner, and raise a dispute with the following information:

- Screenshot of payment proof

- User ID (UID)

- Amount and Currency

- Transaction Order ID

- Contacts

The dispute will be reviewed within 24 hours and we will give a proper response to the dispute.

Why doesn't the merchant release fund?

Regularly merchants are required to release funds right upon confirming received in payment. Should there be any delay in the payment, please contact the debtor to confirm if the payment has been processed successfully.

How to handle an error transaction?

Our system will NOT automatically detect if a payment had paid the wrong amount or to an incorrect account. Please contact the merchant as soon as possible to either rearrange payment or cancel the existing one. If the payment has made to an incorrect account, AAX nor the merchant would able to provide further assistance in tracing the original transaction, please contact the recipient and arrange a refund at your earliest convenience.

For further assistance, please contact our customer representative with the transaction details.

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