This is a guide to learn how to set up advertisements on AAX's Peer-to-peer (P2P).

Once the user has approved to be a P2P merchant, Merchant Center will show up on their P2P Trading page and Account, as below:


Published Advertisement:

Trade Type - Merchant can select either buy or sell cryptocurrency. The type of currencies and regions are what users would like to set up for the Ad. The transaction can be set with an individual account and corporate account.


Time Settings

Payment Time - Order will be canceled if not paying within payment validity.

Expire Date - Expiration time will recalculate when editing advertising or generating a transaction.

Business Hours - Off-hours advertising will not be available for trading. This time is based on your personal setting - your preferred time zone.


Price Setting

Fixed price - If enabled, your trade price will not change with the market price

Exchange - Select the market price of the other platform

Premium Setting - Setting the price higher or lower the trade price

Lowest Price(Optional) - It helps to keep a base price even when the market price is volatile. When the market price is lower than the set minimum price, the ads will be displayed at the minimum.

Trade Quantities - The total amount of cryptocurrency that user would like to trade for

Range - The willingness of minimum price user would like to trade - The willingness of maximum price user would like to trade


Payment Method

Users can set up the payment method to provide information to the audience to make payment.

Trade Description is optional, and the content in the window can be edited by the merchant.

After confirming all the information, the merchant can publish the ad.


Manage My Ads

Published Ads - Users can edit, pause or cancel the ads.


Hidden Ads - Users can hide their ads when they are offline. It is more convenient for users to re-publish the ads when they are online.


Ended Ads - Users can check their previous canceled ads information.

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