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As the crypto industry strides forward across technology, utility and regulation, the role of exchanges is vital in driving traction and participation. AAX has raised the standards for integrity, security, and performance, delivering a trusted environment for retail and institutional investors alike - establishing a next generation digital assets exchange where crypto meets global finance.

Powered by London Stock Exchange Group’s LSEG Technology, AAX offers spot, futures and over-the-counter trading across 50+ crypto-to-crypto pairs, perpetual contracts, and fiat on and off ramps. Serving as a bridge between crypto and global finance, AAB is a form of digital umami that brings that hard-to-define, but distinct extra dimension to trading with AAX. The token offers:

  • A multi-tiered discount scheme: Settling trading fees with AAB is rewarded with a 20% discount, and a further discount is granted in proportion to how much AAB clients hold relative to their overall portfolio

  • Optimized wealth management: AAB will be used in special promotions that make lending, borrowing, staking, and saving, even more attractive.

  • Platform upgrades: AAB can be used to unlock exclusive services and facilities, trading bots and trading signals, and other premium offerings.

  • Pioneer program: AAB will be the key token to gain access to AAX’s pioneering financial products and programs, including index derivatives, tokenized commodities, security tokens, and social trading schemes.

A total of 50 million AAB will be gradually released to the market, with 20% made available for public sale in a series of discounted flash sale rounds. To purchase AAB at a discount, traders will have to subscribe. Over the course of two rounds, starting from the 14th of April, 2020, 1 million AAB will be offered at a 50% discount.

Based on a lucky draw, half of all buyers will get their deposits back and keep their AAB for free.

Join us in our journey to unlock the potential of digital assets.

AAB: Utility & Access

Multi-tiered discount scheme: AAB is the primary currency for settling up to 100% of all trading fees on AAX.

Optimized Wealth Management: AAB will be used to drive promotions across lending, borrowing, and other features.

Platform Upgrades: Clients can use AAB to unlock special features and tools to optimize the trading experience.

Pioneer Program: AAB can be used to purchase social trading subscriptions to copytrade high-performing traders.

Daily Coin Burns

Built for aggressive price action, AAB will benefit from daily buybacks and coinburns funded by 100% of all trading fees earned by AAX on its futures markets.

Any AAB bought back from the market will be permanently destroyed and auditable on the blockchain. This process will continue until 50% of the total supply of AAB is destroyed.

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