What is AAB?

AAB is AAX’s native platform token. On a mission to connect crypto to global finance, AAX is introducing a series of innovative financial instruments such as tokenized commodities, indices, Bitcoin dimension products, social trading programs, and security tokens. AAB enables traders to engage these novel instruments and to share in the growth of the exchange.

A total of 50 million AAB was issued using ERC-20 protocol, you can find the smart contract from Etherscan here.

Please refer to the AAB utility for more details.

How do I buy AAB?

You can buy AAB on here. For details of public offering, please refer to How to purchase AAB.

Who can buy AAB?

The jurisdictional requirements for buying AAB are the same as those for trading on AAX. In addition, users must complete the identity verification process on AAX before purchasing AAB.

What is AAB’s total supply?

There are a total of 50,000,000 AAB tokens, and no more will be created. The total 50 millions of AAB will be distributed over 5 years.

AAX will use 100% of the trading fees earned by AAX on its futures markets to buyback and burn the tokens on a daily basis.

Any AAB bought back from the market will be permanently destroyed and auditable on the blockchain. This process will continue until 50% of the total supply of AAB is destroyed.

When does AAB unlock?

10 million AAB tokens bought by users will be unlocked as liquidity allows. For more details, please refer to AAB Unlock Schedules. After the completion of the lockup period, the purchased amount of AAB will be gradually unlocked, at a rate of 5% per day, over the course of 20 days.

What Utility does AAB have?

Multi-tiered discount scheme

  1. AAB is the primary currency for settling up to 100% of all trading fees on AAX;

Optimised Wealth Management

  1. AAB will be used to drive promotions across lending, borrowing, and other features.

Platform Upgrades

  1. Clients can use AAB to unlock special features and tools to optimize the trading experience;

  2. Use AAB to unlock trading bots and trading signals

  3. AAB can be used to gain access to exclusive services and facilities, including increased API access rates, and FIX connectivity.

  4. Clients who hold more than 100,000 USD worth of AAB can enjoy:

Pioneer Program

  1. AAB can be used to purchase social trading subscriptions to copytrade high-performing traders, as well as low-performing that can be copied in the reverse, with leverage;

  2. AAB is the only trading fee payment currency for engaging unique financial instruments, including index derivatives, a selection of tokenized commodities, and security tokens.

What fee discount does AAB give?

AAB gives discounts based on the size of your holding.

See fees for more details.


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