AAB's first round of flash sale will start at UTC 12:00 14 April 2020, the first round will end at UTC 10:00 15 April 2020. The second round of flash sale will start at UTC 12:00 15 April 2020, and ends at UTC 10:00 16 April 2020. Please refer to the unlock schedule for further details in unlocking the AAB.

Please refer the following for a step-by-step guide on how to purchase AAB in the flash sales!

1. Visit AAB website, click “Sign In to Purchase” to login your account


2. Purchase confirmation message shows the Price, Amount, Total of token purchasing. Check the box to agree with AAX's term of use before purchasing.


3. You can get a higher chance to win the AAB flash sales by inviting more friends to subscribe. The result of flash sales will be announced within 2 hours after each round.


4. You may check the result of flash sales under "Purchase Record" on the top right corner of the AAB web page.


5. If you successfully purchased the AAB, you will see the token in your wallet shortly.

If you are unable to get the AAB at first round, the 500 USDT will refund it within 2 hours after the first round, then you may use it to subscribe at the second round.


6. Please remember to check if you have won the extra lucky draw that you would be getting the AAB for free!


For more details of AAB, please visit AAB's latest announcement.


AAX Exchange: https://aax.com

Email: cs@aax.com

AAX Telegram Communities

English - https://t.me/aaxcommunity

Chinese - https://t.me/aax_cn


Blog: https://blog.aax.com/en/


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AAXExchange

Twitter- https://twitter.com/AAXExchange

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUpkrnlJmPwQOFcb2GxKHxA

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