Dear AAXers,

50% of the successful AAB buyers - a total of 250 each flash sales round will have their USDT refunded and keep the AAB for free. Here is the mechanism of how we select the winners.

  1. AAX chooses the first block hash value of the ETH blockchain after the flash sale concluded, and successful buyers are selected.

  2. We filter out the letters from the hash value, and get a chain of digits, for example. 000000000000000000173607385719670008427673186813

  3. Depending on the even or odd of this chain of digits, we select the even or odd AAB ticket number as lucky draw winners.


AAB Flash sale round 1 winners are selected at 2pm, 15 April.

ETH block height: 9875287

Hash value: 0x0a90a2474b56b3c6b255823716788aabb630c9601a484c37ed950b0dce82c136

Even ticket numbers were selected, congratulations to the winners!

AAB Flash sale round 2 winners will be selected at 7pm, 16, April.

Good Luck all.

AAX Team

16 April 2020


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