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AAX held a flash sale for its newly issued exchange token AAB on 14 April and 15 April, with a subscription rate of 954.2%, a total of 4771 participants. The sale concluded after only 4 hours - 18 hours earlier than scheduled in the first round. For the second round, held on 15 April, the quota was met in just 23 minutes.

The results of the two AAB flash sales rounds have been published. Buyers have received their AAB, and winners of the lucky draw were able to keep their AAB for free and have had their USDT deposits refunded.

AAB is AAX’s native exchange token. The token is hitting the spot market on 16 April at 8pm (GMT +8) and will be on offer for 1 USDT per token. In addition to being used to trade with a discount and optimize the trading experience, AAB will benefit from daily buybacks and coinburns, funded by 100% revenue earned on the derivatives markets.

Please refer to AAX Whitepaper for more detailed information.

AAX Team

16 April 2020


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