AAB is AAX’s native platform token. On a mission to connect crypto to global finance, AAX is introducing a series of innovative financial instruments such as tokenized commodities, indices, Bitcoin dimension products, social trading programs, and security tokens. AAB enables traders to engage these novel instruments and to share in the growth of the exchange.

A total of 50 million AAB was issued using ERC-20 protocol, you can find the smart contract from Etherscan here.

Please refer to the AAB utility for more details.

How to trade AAB/USDT on AAX?

Website Version:


1. Visit the AAX website. Once logged in from the top right corner, you may find the AAB/USDT trading pair on the top left corner.


2. Select the type of order you would like to trade this pair for (Limit / Market / Stop), then input the price and amount of AAB you would like to trade.


3. You may refer your Open Orders, Order History, or Trade History under the Spot Orders Tab. Once the transaction has completed, it will show in the Trade History.


App Version:

1. Once you have logged in the AAX App, you may go to "Market", find the USDT trading pairs under "Spot Trading", then you may find the AAB/USDT trading pair.


2. Please select your Buy or Sell Order of the AAB/USDT.


3. Select the type of order to trade (Limit / Market / Stop-Limit), then input the price and amount of AAB. Finally, confirm your order by clicking Buy AAB or Sell AAB.


4. You may review your order under the Open Orders at the bottom of the page. Once the transaction has completed, the trade will show in Order History.



AAX Exchange: https://aax.com

Email: cs@aax.com

AAX Telegram Communities

English - https://t.me/aaxcommunity

Chinese - https://t.me/aax_cn


Blog: https://blog.aax.com/en/


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AAXExchange

Twitter- https://twitter.com/AAXExchange

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUpkrnlJmPwQOFcb2GxKHxA

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