Dear AAXers,

AAX has opened deposits and withdrawals for AAB. It means that users can deposit from or withdraw to a third party wallet.


  • Open the third party wallet, and add a new token by searching AAB. It has to match the full name of “AAX TOKEN”, and blockchain address exactly. Then, add on your wallet, and you will be able to start depositing into the third party wallet.

  • Open the third party wallet, and if the wallet does not support searching AAB, please use the following address: 0x686C650dbcFEaa75D09B883621Ad810F5952bD5d to search it. When you successfully search it, you can add a new token on your wallet and start depositing AAB to the wallet.

  • If the above two methods do not work, please contact your wallet provider or select other wallet to deposit.

Thank you for your support to AAX.

AAX Team

26 May 2020


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