AAX Savings is a wealth management product launched on the AAX platform. It contains a Flexible Savings program and a Fixed Savings program applicable to a variety of tokens.

What is the Savings Account?

Savings account is the sub-account on AAX where the fund is stored for the purpose of crypto management. It is different from other sub-account on AAX where the fund is stored for trading on the AAX spot or futures market.

  1. All fund transactions including subscriptions, allocations, and withdrawal are happening in the Savings Account.

  2. Please transfer funds from Spot Account to Savings Account before subscribing to any products.

  3. Earnings from the savings product will also be distributed to the Savings Account.

Can the assets in the Savings Account be used to trade or pay AAX transaction fees?

Yes. However, users need to transfer the assets from 'Savings Account' to 'Spot Account',then transfer from 'Spot Account' to other wallet accounts for trading purposes.

What income does AAX use to provide for savings?

At present, the interest comes from the platform income and marketing budget, and a complete financial ecology will be built in the future.


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