Users can subscribe to and withdraw from AAX Flexible Savings Product any time.

  • About Flexible Savings

1) Flexible Savings supports Subscribe, Allocate More and Withdraw functions at any time;

2) The minimum subscription amount for each coin is different, and there are no restrictions on Allocate More and Withdraw functions;

3) Flexible Savings Subscribe / Allocate More starts to accrue interest immediately, the minimum interest accrual duration is 1 minute, and the interest will be distributed to the account from 00: 00-00: 30 UTC of the next 24 hours;

4) The accuracy of the interest distribution is 8 digits. For example, if the income is 1.123456781AAB, then 1.12345678AAB will be issued (if the holding time is too short, or the principal is too little, and the interest could be 0);

5) Subscribe / Allocate More amount will be deducted from the available balance of the savings account, if the balance is insufficient, it needs to be topped up first;

6) Withdrawal will incur to the savings account;

7) No fees, no lockup.

  • Annualized rate of return

The interest rate of AAB Plus consists of a fixed interest rate and flexible interest rate. The flexible interest rate depends on the price of AAB on the day of interest calculation. If AAB appreciates at price, the floating interest rate is 0. If AAB depreciates, a flexible interest rate will apply.

The annual interest rate of other coins is composed of market interest rate and flexible interest rate. The market interest rate is derived from the average interest rate of other top exchanges, flexible interest rate = market interest rate * 55%.

Tips: How to Subscribe Fixed Savings

  • How to Subscribe, Allocate More and Withdraw Flexible Savings?

  1. Open website, select the flexible savings you want to subscribe, and click [Subscribe].

  1. Enter the amount in the subscribe interface, tick "I have read and agree to AAX Savings Terms of Use", and finally click [Subscribe].

  1. If you have insufficient balance, you can click 'Transfer Now' to transfer assets from your Trading Account to Savings Account.

  1. Click [Allocate More] in for additional subscription.


5. You can withdraw at any time, click [Finance], and then click [Withdraw] in the Finance interface


6. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and click [Withdraw].


APP version

1. On the homepage of the APP, click on [AAX Savings] to enter savings interface


2. Click [Flexible], select the savings product you prefer, and click [Subscribe]


3. Enter the amount you would like to subscribe. If the balance of the vault account is insufficient, you can click [Transfer] to transfer the assets from the spot account to the vault account, tick "I have read and agree AAX Terms of Use",and finally click [Confirm Subscribe]



1. Click the icon in the upper right corner to enter the Finances interface


2. Select the Savings you would like to withdraw, click [Withdraw] ,then enter the amount,finally click [Confirm Withdraw]

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