This functionality allows you to set a price easily at which you wish your entire position to be automatically closed. You can choose to set either a TP order or a SL order or both at the same time. Once the Last Traded Price hits your TP / SL price, a market order will be sent out by the system to close your position.

Note: If you set both a TP order and a SL order and either one is triggered, the opposite one will be automatically cancelled.

How to set TP / SL orders?

After opening a position, click on the button to set your TP / SL as below screen:


Once confirmed, you will see your TP/SL order under the “Open positions” sections:


The TP/SL orders can also be viewed under the “Conditional orders” tab:


How to cancel your TP / SL ?

There are two ways of doing this:

1) Under “Open Positions” tab, click on the button and use the toggle to deactivate your TP / SL.


Once confirmed, your changes to TP / SL is immediately taken into account:


2) You can also cancel your SL / TP from the “Conditional Orders” tab and use the “Cancel” Action.

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