Dear AAXers,

In order to provide a feature-rich API and optimize users experience, AAX has released a new version of API document.

New features include:

  1. Added position stop profit and stop loss API in futures trading

  2. POST /v2/futures/position/sltp

  3. Two new liqType types are added to the futures order API: TAKE-PROFIT-LIQ and STOP-LOSS-LIQ

  4. Two new orderType types are added to the futures order API: Stop Loss and Take Profit

  5. Added stop-profit and stop-loss related fields in the position API:stopLossPrice, stopLossSource, takeProfitPrice and takeProfitSource

  6. Added API to retrieve last funding rate API in futures trading

  7. GET /v2/futures/funding/prevFundingRate/{symbol}

  8. Added endpoint to retrieve current Mark Price

  9. GET /v2/market/markPrice

  10. Added an API to retrieve current index K-line data in the market data

  11. GET /v2/market/candles/index

For further details and updates, please refer to our full API Changelog.

Thank you for your support!

AAX Team

15 Aug 2020

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