Dear AAXers,

We are happy to announce that we have enhanced AAX Savings. Interest rates for Bitcoin Plus and Ethereum Plus have been raised and are now 50% higher than the market!

Similar to AAB Plus, all savings products on AAX do not require a lockup period and accrue interest per minute, based on the annual return rate.

Visit AAX Savings now and try our attractive packages. After you’ve allocated funds to your Savings Accounts, don’t forget to claim 50 AAB for FREE from the AAX Reward Hub.

How to allocate?

  1. Transfer assets from your Trading Account to your Savings Account

  2. Click on 'Allocate'

  3. Follow the steps to subscribe

  4. The first interest earnings will be credited on the following day

Learn more about AAX Savings here, or go straight to the Savings now.

AAX Team

2 Sep 2020

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