Dear AAXers,

AAX Savings will add EOS, XRP, BCH and LEND to the list of supported assets on Flexible Savings on 16th September 2020. Subscribe Now


Minimum Subscription Amount

Annualized interest rate

EOS Savings

50 EOS

Market interest rate* (1+100%)

XRP Savings

500 XRP

BCH Savings

0.5 BCH

LEND Savings

100 LEND

Note: The market interest rate is derived from the weighted average annual interest rate of top exchanges. 100% is a floating markup interest rate, and AAX reserves the right to change it, subject to the latest announcement.

At that time, AAX will simultaneously increase the annualized interest rates of BTC Savings and ETH Savings to the double of the market interest rate.

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Thank you for your support!

AAX Team

15 September, 2020

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