AAX Global Community: https://t.me/aaxcommunity

AAX Philippines Community: https://t.me/aaxphilippines

AAX Vietnam Community: https://t.me/aaxvietnam

AAX India Community: https://t.me/aaxindia

AAX Nigeria Community: https://t.me/aaxnigeria

AAX Bangladesh Community: https://t.me/AAXBangladesh

AAX Russia Community: https://t.me/aaxrussia

AAX Japan Community: https://t.me/AAXJapan

AAX Indonesia Community: https://t.me/aaxindonesiacommunity

AAX Turkey Community: https://t.me/aaxturkeyofficial

AAX Arabic Community:https://t.me/AAX_ArabicCommunity

AAX Azerbaijan Community:https://t.me/aaxazerbaijan

AAX Announcement Channel: https://t.me/AAXAnnouncement

You are invited to join our official telegram communities and be part of the crypto conversation! An easy click of the above URL makes you a group member of the AAX family.

Why join AAX official telegram community?

The AAX official Telegram communities are a great way to stay up to date with the latest updates and features on AAX. Take the time to get to know our channel moderators and staff for an unbelievable user experience.

  1. We offer customer service support here and via the live chat. Once you come across any issue or question, you can directly contact our group admins for help.

  2. Be sure to turn on your notifications to the announcement channels for daily product updates and campaign launches

  3. Keep it official, the official AAX communities are the only place to guarantee a safe space to keep up to date and stay away from any fraudulent or false rumors.

  4. Seize opportunities for all event incentives

What are the aspirations of the AAX official telegram community?

We are eager to build an eco-friendly and fast-talking community where users from all over the world can connect with each other and talk freely without any regional bounds.

Telegram App Download:

IOS: https://telegram.org/dl/ios

Android: https://telegram.org/dl/android

Let’s talk on Telegram!

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