In order to better serve the majority of users and provide a more convenient transaction method, AAX will launch the multi-wallet function at 16 October 2020 00:10 - 02:40 (HKT). After this function is launched, it will consist of the following s: Spot Account, Futures Account, Fiat Account, AAX Vault, AAB Reward. During the online period, the platform will suspend the deposit, withdrawal, and fund transfer services. Please arrange the time in advance (contract users please arrange in advance whether a margin call is required according to the position situation, and the fund transfer will not be available during the online period).

After the function goes online:

[Spot Account] supports functions such as spot trading, deposit, withdrawal, internal transfer, transfer, and participation in platform activities.

[Futures Account] supports futures transactions and transfer functions.

[Fiat Account] supports P2P transactions, Fast Buy, and transfer functions.

[AAX Vault] supports Savings and transfer functions.

[AAB Reward] Record the receipt and use of the reward AAB.

[Transfer function] It supports the mutual transfer of the available balance of currency accounts with contract accounts, legal currency accounts, and financial accounts, and the available balance of legal currency accounts and contract accounts. Transfers between contract accounts and financial accounts are not supported. Transfers between legal currency accounts and wealth management accounts are not supported.


  1. During the online period, the original spot transaction and futures transaction orders will all be cancelled and orders are prohibited.

  2. During the online period, all advertisements in the P2P trading zone will be removed. After going online, you must first transfer the assets from the spot account to the legal currency account and then manually re-list the advertisements.

  3. After online, the App will be forced to update, please be aware.

  4. After going online, the original available balance assets in the wallet will all be transferred to the spot account.

  5. After going online, the margin occupied by the spot contract trading positions in the wallet will be migrated to the futures account.

For more details:

Thank you for your support to AAX, if you have any questions, please contact online customer service.

AAX team

15 October, 2020

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