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What comes around, goes around, trade and share 20 BTC!

Enjoy our latest trading competition on the Spot Market! Trade and share the BTC Prize Pool, remember the more participants the larger the prize, register and share now to secure your prize pool!

Competition Registration:

  1. Register HERE between 16 Oct - 22 Oct, 2020 to secure the prize pool amount

If you were enrolled in the previous spot trading competition, you will be automatically enrolled in this round.

Total Registration Number (X)

Prize Winners to Share

1 < X <500


500 < X < 1000

10 BTC

1000 < X < 1500

15 BTC

1500 < X

20 BTC

Trading Competition Rules:

  1. Trading Competition Period:
    October 16, 2020 - October 31, 2020 (UTC)

  2. Trading is conducted on the spot market

  3. Eligible trading pairs are BTC/USDT and AAB/USDT

  4. All traders who meet both requirements below are qualified to share the prize pool

4.1 whose trading volume of BTC/USDT and AAB/USDT combined is bigger than 10,000 USDT

4.2 trade at least 1,000 USDT trading volume of pairs contain any of the following tokens: YFI,CEL,USDC,SNX,BAND,MKR

5. We will back track your trading volume starting from August 18th, anytime you registered this trading competition.


  1. Prize 1= (Your Trading Volume/ Total Trading Volume) x 95% of Total Prize Pool

  2. Prize 2= 10 Lucky Draw winners evenly share 5% of Total Prize Pool

Terms and conditions:

  1. Participants must have KYC Level 1 to participate

  2. Winners may be required to verify identity again upon prize distribution

  3. The final prize value is calculated by the number of eligible participants and total trading volume

  4. Users who have participated in the previous spot trading competitions do not need to register, and will be automatically enrolled in the second round.

  5. Market makers, internal staff and their family members are not eligible to participate in this event.

  6. Users will be disqualified if cross trade, wash trade or other misbehaviors are detected.

  7. AAX reserves the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions of this campaign without prior notice.

AAX Team

16 October 2020

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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AAX reserves all rights in this announcement, including but not limited to, the right to adjust, interpret and terminate it at any time without prior notice.

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