Dear AAX Users,

We’ve recently noticed that some unauthorised third parties that have no connection or authorisation from AAX have been attempting to impersonate AAX customer service through email, WeChat and Telegram and propagate false association with AAX online with a view to potentially carry out fraudulent activities. Such activities may adversely impact our customers. Therefore we sincerely urge you to be cautious when dealing with any third parties and keep in mind the following while interacting with anyone who claims to be from AAX:

  • Please check the email ID and ensure that all emails you receive are from only. Please check the email header for hidden or masked email ID.

  • AAX CS will never approach customers privately on chat groups such as Wechat or Telegram or online platforms to verify any information or make any transfers. Our only point of contact for customer service or anything related to your account will always be AAX Official customer email ID.

  • Any official announcements will always be made publicly on AAX website and mobile application and never privately.

  • Any emails relating to specific AAX Accounts or information will always be sent from

Meanwhile, AAX sincerely welcomes any suggestions. We believe that collective supervision and co-operation will help majority of users and will help keep AAX Platform safe and secure.

AAX shall not be liable for any adverse consequences to customers arising from the impersonators or from customer’s failure to properly verify the authenticity of such persons or false rumours.

Please be aware of fake impersonators on chat groups and if you come across any such persons, please make sure you report such persons to .

We appreciate your cooperation and support.

AAX Team

October 27, 2020

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