Red packets are only supported through the AAX APP. Unclaimed red packets will be returned to your wallet after 24 hours.

1. Log in APP and click "Wallets". Click the red packet icon in the wallet window.


2. In the Send Red Packet window, you can select the coin to be sent, and enter the total quantity of red packets you want to send, the number of red packets(1-300), and the greetings(0-18 characters).


3. Finally click "Prepare" and input your payment password, then a new red packet will be generated. You can click "Share link" or "Share image" and send it to your friends.


Remark (1) If you want to check the in progress or finished red packet sent records, please click the red packet icon in the wallet window, click "Record" in the upper right corner, then click the ... symbol in the upper right corner of the My Red Packet window, and select "Red packet sent" to check the details.


Remark (2) Click "Send Again" in the red packet Details interface, you can continue sharing in progress red packet with your friends.

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