· What should I do if I fail to receive the digital currency recharge transfer from other platforms to AAX?

Since digital currency recharge requires block confirmation, please wait patiently. If the block is confirmed and still hasn't arrived for a long time, please contact AAX online customer service.

· How to handle an error transaction?

Our system will NOT automatically detect if a payment had paid the wrong amount or to an incorrect account. Please contact the merchant as soon as possible to either rearrange payment or cancel the existing one. If the payment has made to an incorrect account, AAX nor the merchant would able to provide further assistance in tracing the original transaction, please contact the recipient and arrange refund at your earliest convenience. For further assistance, please contact our customer representative with the transaction details.

· What if the Tag/Memo/Payment Remark is incorrect?

There is certain currency require a Tag/Memo/Payment Remark before the payment can proceed. If user inputs an incorrect remark, please contact our customer service through live chat to request an amendment for the deposit/withdraw transaction:

AAΧ User ID, Amount and Currency, TxID, Correct Tag/Memo/Payment Remark.

· Whether AAX supports ETH and TRX contract deposit?

AAX does not support ETH and TRX contract transfer and deposit. If you encounter this situation, please contact our online customer service to explain the situation for inquiries.

If you repeat the wrong contract deposit operation, we will charge a certain amount of administrative fees to assist in the recovery.

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