· Is KYC verification required for withdrawal?

Withdrawal refers to referring your digital currency assets to other addresses (such as wallets, exchanges). If KYC Level 1 verification is not performed, the withdrawal limit within 24 hours is 2 BTC; after KYC Level 1 verification is completed, the withdrawal limit within 24 hours is 100 BTC . For the safety of your account and assets, it is recommended that you complete the KYC Level 1 verification as soon as possible.

· What to do if withdrawing to a wrong address?

AAΧ is unable to trace or return any payment that had went through but to a wrong address, please try to contact the recipient with other measures.

· USDT withdrawal methods

There are three types of USDT withdrawal: Omni, ERC, and TRC. Currently, AAX withdrawals only support Omni and ERC, and the ERC method will be faster. In the future, we will also support the withdrawal method of TRC.

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