AAX fast buy supports ADVCASH.

Support currencies: USD, EUR, RUB, UAH, KZT, BRL, TRY, USDT can be purchased.

Single Min/Max purchase limit for different currencies:


ADVCASH Fast Buy Guide(APP Version) :

1. Log in AAX APP, drop down the homepage and click "Fiat Trading".


2, Select "Fast Buy" to enter the Coin Buy page. Or you can enter "Fast Buy" by selecting "Fiat" from the "Trade" menu on the bottom bar.


3. Enter the purchase currency page, select the fiat currency of payment and enter the purchase amount, then select the crypto currency to be purchased, select "ADVCASH", and click "Place Order".


4. Select "ADV wallet" or other payment methods supported by ADVCASH on this page, and click "GO TO PAYMENT" to pay. (This guide will take ADV wallet as an example)


5. Enter the ADV account login page, enter the ADV login account name and password, and click "LOG IN TO ADV" to log in.


6. Click "CONTINUE" after confirming the information.


7. When you log in for the first time on the same day or log in after switching devices, you will receive security verification, and the following pop-up prompt will appear.


8. After receiving the verification link, open it and display the following figure after successful verification, then return to the pop-up verification page and click "CONFIRM" .


9. After successful verification, enter the payment password and click "CONFIRM".


10. The purchase is completed. After clicking "CONTINUE" it will jump to the historical purchase details page of the AAX APP.


11. Detailed purchase records can be viewed in "Trade"-"Fiat"-"Orders"-"Completed" on the AAX APP.


* Please note that the payment must be completed within 3 hours, otherwise the order will fail due to timeout.

* If the payment has been successfully completed but the order payment has timed out, the funds will be immediately returned to the wallet or bank account of your selected ADVCASH payment method. You can view the details in "Trade"-"Fiat"-"Orders"-"Cancelled" .

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