Dear AAXers,

In order to better meet the platform use needs of the AAX users, AAX has gradually enabled the "Internal Transfer" feature to support digital currency transfers between AAX users. Zero handling fee is charged for AAX internal transfer.

AAX users who fulfill one of the following two conditions are eligible to use the"Internal Transfer" feature:

  1. Since the day of registration, users who made more than 5 Futures and Spot tradings with a total futures and spot trading volume ≥1000USDT, and total deposit amount (Including Deposit from external wallet address, P2P purchase, Fast buy and Fiat deposit)≥500USDT.

  2. Since the day of registration, users(Level 1 verification required) whose total trading volume (futures trading volume and spot trading volume included) ≥ 50000USDT.

If you fulfill one of the above conditions but are unavailable for internal transfer, please contact AAX official online customer service or send an inquiry email to

Thank you for your support!

AAX Team

16 April, 2021


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