Our team is determined to offer the best user experience at all times, for each level of trader. We've built an even better exclusive VIP program.

The revamped VIP program includes a wide range of trading offers and perks to help our VIPs stay on top of the market.

How can users become VIPs?

If you hit the VIP tiers below, you will automatically be enrolled in the VIP program.

When you are enrolled, our AAX account manager will reach out to you personally- there is no application process.


*Users must be KYC 1 verified to enjoy the VIP program

*The above VIP tiers are the requirements needed to enjoy the perks of being an AAX VIP.

*Each calendar month we will calculate your VIP tier and will activate it for the next month automatically

*P2P Trading and Fiat Exchanges are excluded from the trading volume mentioned above

VIP Benefits
As a VIP you will be able to take advantage of generous discounts, promotional rewards, and more. These benefits vary depending on the VIP tier you fall into, as follows:


VIP Fees
Trading as an AAX VIP gives you access to the lowest spot trading fees available on AAX.


*Not applicable for AAX partners, API users or institutions.

VIP Sharing
VIP on another exchange? Great! If you can show us proof of your trading volume in the past 30 days or VIP tiering, then we can automatically enroll you into our AAX VIP program.

Please provide the following information to vip@aax.com:
- Preferred contact method
- Preferred contact time
- Country of Residence
- Proof of trading volume or VIP level on other platforms/exchanges

*VIP sharing applicants must be KYC level 1 verified in AAX and in another platform
*The VIP tiering for applicants who fulfill the requirements above will be effective from the start of the following month
*VIP users must have fulfilled the VIP tiering requirements in order to maintain the VIP benefits for the following month

1. AAX reserves the right to interpret, modify, change, or remove these programs at its sole discretion and will review them periodically.
2. While the criteria for the programs are public AAX has no requirement to allow specific entities into the programs.

For any questions regarding the VIP program, please feel free to contact us at vip@aax.com .

Don’t have an AAX account yet?

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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