Before you buy crypto in P2P trading or fast buy, please pass the level 1 identification first. And before you deposit or withdraw fiat cash, please pass the level 2 identification (which is, upload the address proof document). You need to pass the level 1 identification before completing the level 2 identification. Both level1 and level2 identification are completed in the personal account--identification. The following is a tutorial.

Complete Level 1 identity verification:

1.Log in to your account, click on your personal account, and then click "identification" to enter the account center.


2.Follow the prompts to fill in the information and select the ID type, and click "Next".


3.Follow the guide, place the relevant documents in the scanning frame until it is automatically captured. Please make sure all the document is fully visible, glare free and not blurred. If the capture is not successful, please try to adjust the angle and distance, or check whether the correct ID type is selected. After the scan is successful, click "Continue". Finally, follow the guide and scan your face.


4.After the scan is finished, just wait patiently for the review. Usually the review will be completed within 1-2 working days. You can check the status in personal account-identification. If your kyc been rejected, you can check the reason and re-verify.

Complete Level 2 Address Verification (upload the proof of address):

1.After passing the level 1 identification, you can go back to the personal account center--Identification and click level2 "Verify now" to continue to complete the level 2 identification.


2.Click “click upload”to take a photo or upload relevant files from the phone. (You need to submit a proof of address within three months, such as the documents issued by government departments, bank statements, lease agreements or utility bills; mobile phone bills are not accepted. Documents must contain the date, user name, and address).

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