Dear AAXers,

AAX will suspend the deposit and withdrawal services for Kava Network(KAVA), from 12 pm (UTC) on August 30, 2021, due to network upgrades on the token.

The KAVA-initiated activities will be started around 13:00 pm(UTC) of the same day.

Please Note:

  1. KAVA/USDT spot trading on AAX will not be affected during the upgrade.

  2. The estimated time is for reference only. AAX will adjust the suspension time based on the block height.

  3. The Kava Network(KAVA)network upgrade will not result in the issuance of new tokens.

  4. AAX will automatically resume deposit and withdrawal services for KAVA once we deem the upgraded network is stable.

  5. For more information, please refer to kava-8 Upgrade Instructions and Kava Governance Announcement


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