1. What is AAX Staking?

AAX Staking refers to an act of depositing tokens in a specific cryptocurrency wallet to support the operation of the blockchain network. Under the Proof of Stake mechanism, the Staking behavior will be rewarded. Put your funds into cryptocurrency nodes to support the security and operation of the blockchain network. Simply put, staking is the act of locking up cryptocurrencies for rewards. Provide users with related services such as proxy asset access to the Staking project and income distribution, and will not bear any losses caused by the security issues of smart contracts on the project chain. The final interpretation right is owned by AAX.

2. What Are The Advantages Of AAX Staking?

1) Personal mining requires expensive operation and maintenance and handling fees, and AAX is free of GAS fee;

2) The AAX platform aggregates the assets of all users to stake, which greatly reduces the participation threshold of a single user;

3) AAX prefers high-interest-rate, high-quality token to stake to enjoy higher interest rates;

4) Users only need 30S to participate with one click to enjoy high returns, and AAX got you for the complicated process of staking.

3. After Staking, How Do We Calculate The Yield Period?

The yield will be calculated from the next day when the lock-up is successful, and the minimum interest calculation period is one day; Funds locked for less than one day will not be included in the income distribution statistics, which means the shares subscribed/added/redeemed on the same day do not bear interest

For example: Mr. Wang subscribed 500USDT on the 1st, the interest-bearing share of the Day 1 is 0; the interest-bearing share of the Day 2 is 500USDT; Mr. Wang redeems 200USDT on day3, the interest-bearing share of Day 3 is 300USDT.

4. How Do We Determine The Yield Rate?

AAX formulates a daily dynamic yield rate based on staking output. Due to the volatility of on-chain income, the yield rate may be negative.

5、How are the earnings issued?

Interest is calculated daily at 24:00 UTC and is credited as pending earnings. Pending earnings are also credited to the daily interest-bearing share.

6. How Is The Daily Interest-Bearing Share Calculated?

Daily interest = amount of interest on the day * APY/365. Interest-bearing amount on the day = total holdings on the day - subscription or additional purchase amount on the day + pending earnings (if ≤ 0, no interest is accrued on the day)

7. What is Fixed Staking?

"Fixed" refers to a cryptocurrency that is locked for a fixed period of time. "Fixed" can obtain higher returns than "Flexible", and at the same time, "Fixed" can also be redeemed in advance. If you redeem "Fixed" locked assets in advance, it will take T+1 to unlock and arrive at the account, and the income during the lock-up period will be deducted.

8. Fixed Staking interest calculation rules?

If you stake on T day, it starts to calculate yield on T+1; the yield is calculated according to the successful redemption of Staking.

9. How Long Does It Take To Get The Funds When Redemption Is Initiated?

Flexible: Immediately credited upon redemption;

Fixed: Early redemption will deduct all interest income, and the arrival time needs T+1.

10. How Do I Use The Automatic Switch To Flexible Staking Or Fixed Staking Upon Maturity?

For Fixed Staking items, you can turn on the "Automatic Flexible Staking upon maturity" function when you subscribe. After turning on the function, you can select the fixed or flexible items that can be switched, and after the fixed items expire, the staking amount and income will be automatically transferred to the flexible staking items of the set currency to earn yield by idle funds.

11. What is Dual-Coin Staking?

Users need to pay staking investment in the corresponding currency of the same value at the same time, and the calculation rules and interest calculation methods are consistent. For example: Daily interest = interest accrual amount on the day * APY / 365, interest-bearing amount on the day = total holdings on the day - subscription or additional purchase amount on the day + pending earnings (if ≤ 0, no interest is accrued on the day) *It should be noted that when dual-coin staking is redeemed, it only supports full redemption. And it does not support automatic renewal. This is due to the difference in the quantity value corresponding to the two coins due to coin price fluctuations.

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