When placing a futures trading order, you will be able to set the [Take Profit] and [Stop Loss] orders simultaneously.

Select [Leverage], select [Order Type], enter [Price] and [Amount]. Then, check the box next to [Stop Limit] to set the [Take Profit] and [Stop Loss] prices based on the [Last Price] or [Mark Price]. Next, click [Buy/Long] or [Sell/Short] to place the order.

You can check your orders under the [Open Orders] tab.

Click [Check] under [Stop Limit] to view order details.

TP/SL price can not be modified under the [Open Orders] tab. If you want to modify it, please cancel the order and place a new order.

When an pending order is triggered, you can add or modify the TP/SL under the [Positions] tab. This will be applied to the entire position.

After closing the position, the TP/SL will be automatically canceled.

Can I set multiple TP/SL for my orders?

1) If there is a floating position order with a TP/SL setting, the order will be filled with the TP/SL of the floating position order.

2) If there is no floating position order with TP/SL setting, the TP/SL of the first filled order will be used to take profit or stop loss for all your positions. Other TP/SL will be automatically canceled when the order is created.

For example, you placed 2 pending orders with different TP/SL prices. Order B is filled first, Order A is filled 10 minutes later, then the TP/SL of Order A will be automatically canceled at the time it’s been filled. Therefore the current position (combined No.A and B pending orders) has the TP/SL coming from Order No.B.

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