Dear AAXers,

We are delighted to announce the listing of Baby Doge Coin(BabyDoge) on AAX Exchange. The details are listed below - Happy trading!

Listing Time:

Time of opening deposit: 09:00 (UTC) on Nov17, 2021

Time of opening withdrawal: 09:00 (UTC) on Nov 18, 2021

Time of opening trading: 09:00 (UTC) on Nov 19 2021

Trading pairs: BABYDOGE/USDT

The max display accuracy of AAX currency price is 8 decimal places, so when users deposit/trade/withdraw BabyDoge, it will be displayed according to 1,000 BABYDOGE=1 BABYDOGEK, which doesn't affect users’ deposition/trades/withdrawals.

Token Info

Token Name: Baby Doge Coin

Token Symbol: Baby Doge

Official Service site:

Official Telegram:

Baby Doge Coin has learned a few tricks and lessons from his meme father, Doge. A new crypto birthed by fans of the DogeCoin online community. Baby Doge seeks to impress his father by showing his new improved transaction speeds & adorableness. He is hyper-deflationary with static reflection that rewards holders, so more baby doge coins are being automatically added to your wallet each transaction. Simply love, pet and hold as 5% from each transaction is automatically redistributed to baby doge holders.

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.

AAX Team

November 15, 2021


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AAX reserves all rights in this announcement, including but not limited to, the right to adjust, interpret and terminate it at any time without prior notice.

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