1. What is Battle?

Battle is a fast option product launched by AAX, web link:


2. Which trading products are supported?

Currently, it supports BTCUSDT-1M、ETHUSDT-1M, 1M refers to Auto settlement every minute.

3. Quotation Source of the Option Product ?

The quotation comes from the spot index. For example, the quotation of BTCUSDT-1M is the BTCUSDT spot index. The AAX Spot Index is weighted by spot prices on multiple exchanges. In order to maintain the objectivity of the index, the data source platform and weighting algorithm will be continuously optimized.

4. How do I participate in Battle?

Choose token type for settlement - enter amount - order on bullish/bearish, as shown below:

5. Token types supported for settlement

Currently, it supports USDT, BTC and ETH. No matter what token users invest in, the profit and loss will also be obtained in that token, and more token types will be supported for settlement in the future.

6. Which account assets will be used for Battle?

Battle will use the available balance of the spot account. When placing an order, the corresponding available balance will be frozen. If there is a profit, the frozen amount will be released and the profit will be received. If there is a loss, the frozen amount will be lost.

7. How do I determine profit/loss or win/loss?

Users’ open price < settlement price, if users order on bullish, win. If users order on bearish, loss.

Users’ open price > settlement price, if users order on bearish, win. If users order on bullish, loss.

Users’ open price = settlement price, whether order on bullish or on bearish, loss.

8. Order time

1M option product settles every minute. Stop placing orders 30 seconds before settlement. Refer to the example below:

9. Is there a limit to the order quantity?

No limit, settle every minute. Users can order more than one order and can order on bullish and bearish at the same time.

10. Order amount

The min and max order amount allowed for each token type settlement is different, please refer to the order page for details.

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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