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With the popularity of NFT in 2021, the area of digital art has arrived. We hope we can be more involved in the NFT businesses with you. Hereby, AAX team devoted themselves to making the first batch of 16 limited edition NFTs with the theme of the brand mascot Alex & AVA_7, 1500 pieces in total. Every NFT is worthy of being preserved and there are two rare and mystery NFT styles ! Now subscribe to savings to get chances to obtain your first AAX theme limited edition NFT. Good luck to you!

Event period: Start from 00:00 on Dec. 16(UTC)

Lottery page: (WEB) (APP)

How do you obtain NFT lottery qualifications? : During the event, every four days is a lottery period, users whose sum of any of the BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC fixed savings holding amount ≥ 10,000 USDT for each day within the period (the early redemption part is not included) can obtain one chance to draw a lottery of NFT mystery box! Users can get lottery results immediately after drawing a lottery. Users can view the NFT rewards they have received on the "My NFT" page.(There will be another notice after the NFT withdrawal function is launched. Coming soon)

Terms and rules:

1. Users participating in the activity should complete KYC1 authentication.

2. AAX will adopt the snapshot of the sum of BTC、ETH、USDT、USDC fixed savings daily average holding amount at 0:00 o'clock every day (UTC) (the early redemption part is not included)

3. If the user does not meet the requirements for the amount of savings holdings during this period, they can re-participate in the next period.

4. During the event, users can participate in multiple event periods, and one single user can get just one lottery chance at most in each event period.

5. During the event, if any cheating behaviors such as click farming, batch registration of vice accounts, illegal transactions are found, AAX will cancel your qualification.

6. AAX reserves the right to change, extend, terminate and/or cancel this promotion or modify these terms at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice

7. AAX has the final right of interpretation and decision on any disputes raised by users.

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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AAX reserves all rights in this announcement, including but not limited to, the right to adjust, interpret and terminate it at any time without prior notice.

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