1. After you sign in to your AAX account, you can access the 【Card & Coupon Center】 from the menu on the left side of your Personal Center.In addition, you can also go directly to the 【Card & Coupon Center】by using the following link https://account.aax.com/en-US/my/couponCenter/ .

App users can access the Card & Coupon Center through the personal center in the upper left corner.

2. When you received the spot rebate coupon, please go to the Card & Coupon Center and tap "Activate Now" to activate the coupon, if it is not activated, it cannot be used. Users can check the specific rebate amount, expiration date, applicable products and rebate progress in the Card & Coupon Center.

3. The spot service fee generated by trading the corresponding product after activation will be returned immediately (within 10 to 15 minutes after the order is filled).

4. The token of the rebate coupon has to be the same as the token that you use eventually to pay for the service fee, only in such a case, the corresponding service fee will be returned.

For example, when a user uses a USDT rebate coupon, if the user actually pays the service fee with AAB, then there will be no USDT rebate.

5. Users can directly go to Wallet - Spot Account - Financial Records - Activity - Spot Fee Rebate to check the rebate records.

6. For more information about the usage of Spot Rebate Coupon, please refer to: Terms of Use of Spot Fee Rebate Coupon

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