1. Only one coupon can be used for a single order, which is only used when subscribing to savings. Please refer to ‘Rules of use’ for details.

2. The coupon should be available within the scope of the declared project.

3. The validity period of the hike coupon shall be subject to the validity period prompted at the time of actual collection, and it will be invalid when expired.

4. Hike coupons cannot be given or withdrawn. If the subscription amount is less than the use requirements,then the hike coupons cannot be used.

5. Hike coupons cannot be enjoyed together with other preferential activities (including but not limited to preferential activities, VIP preferential activities, new user reduction activities, etc.)

6. For the order using the coupons, if the subscription fails or is cancelled, the coupon will be returned. Once used, it will not be returned.

7. Early redemption will fail to rise interest,and the hike coupons won’t be returned.

8. If users participating in the activity have improper behaviors (including but not limited to malicious cash out, etc.), AAX reserves the right to change the activity within the scope permitted by law, including but not limited to suspending or canceling the interest rate increase reward, etc

9. In case of any inconsistency or conflict between the Chinese and English versions of the terms and conditions above, please refere to the English version. In case of any dispute, AAX reserves the right of final decision.

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