1. Only AAX Users that have passed KYC 1 status on the AAX Platform are eligible to access the Trading Bonus.

2. The Trading Bonus may be accessed only in the form of coupons (“Bonus Coupon”) denominated in USDT of specified values that shall be added to User’s Futures Account in their AAX Wallet. Bonus Coupons shall be available to both new and existing KYC 1 Users. Each Bonus coupon shall have a value denominated in USDT, specified leverage limit for the position and an expiry date. Bonus Coupons cannot be exchanged or redeemed for equivalent cash money or equivalent digital assets. The Bonus Coupons cannot be transferred to other AAX accounts.

3. Only a single Bonus Coupon may be utilized at a time to open a position in AAX Vanilla Perpetual Contracts that are settled in USDT only. Each bonus coupon can be used only once. Bonus Coupons cannot be clubbed with User’s own digital assets to open a larger position.

4. Bonus Coupon can only be used to open and close positions at market price. Bonus Coupons cannot be used to place limit orders at a specified price.

5. No Trading Fee shall be applicable for positioned opened with Bonis coupons.

6. Any profit earned by Bonus Coupon transactions will be credited into the User’s Wallet. AAX shall bear any trading loss (if any) resulting from the Bonus Coupon opened position.

7. Certain Bonus Coupons shall be activated only when a User’s cumulative spot and futures (perpetual contracts) trading volume reaches a specified volume. The trading volume started counting upon receiving the coupon. In the event of disputes, AAX’s decision shall be final and conclusive.

8. Certain types of bonus can only be activated when your cumulative deposit amount reaches the specified deposit amount (including: crypto deposit, local currency deposit, buy crypto with local currency). The deposit amount starts to cumulate from the moment when the bonus is received. In case of any dispute, AAX reserves the right of final decision.

9. AAX reserves the right to vary, extend, terminate and/or cancel this offer or amend the Bonus Coupons and the Terms in relation to the Bonus Coupons at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice. In the event that you have concerns or complaints, you may contact AAX Customer Support.

10. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the English and the Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

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