1. After you sign in, you can enter the 【Cards&Coupons Center】 from the left side of the personal center menu. APP users can enter the Cards&Coupons Center from the top left personal center. Besides, you can directly go to 【Cards&Coupons Center】.

2. When you receive Battle bonus coupons and the Battle bonus coupons have taken effect, you can click “Use now” on the bonus page or participate in Battle directly to use the coupon.

3. After entering the Battle trading interface, please switch "USDT Available Assets" to "USDT Bonus" in the upper right corner of the Battle trading page.

4. Select the amount of the bonus you want to use in "Please select bonus coupon" and confirm.

5. After you select your position direction and open a position, you can view the order you placed with the Battle bonus in the “In progress” section below.

6. After the position is closed, you can view the order completed with the Battle bonus in the "Completed" section.

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