How to play the SpaceRun?

Place Bet - Cash out - Get Profit

Step 1: Place a bet

Before the game starts, you have 6 seconds to enter your Bet Amount and Auto Cashout multiple, then tap Place Bet to confirm your Bet. The mini bet is 1U. You can also parachute manually after takeoff without setting automatic parachuting. Auto Cashout function is optional, you can also Cashout manually after the game starts.

Step 2: Cashout

After the plane takes off, the flight multiples will get higher and higher starting from 1.00X, which means you will get the profit with higher multiples. The plane could crash at any time, which would cause you to lose all your bets. You can choose the right time to jump early by clicking "CASHOUT" or wait for the automatic Cashout to be triggered.

Step 3: Get Profit

Profit will be your Bet principal multiplied by Cashout multiple, and the system will deduct 5% of Profit other than principal as a handling fee. For example: if you bet 20U, tap Cashout when the multiple is 2, and minus the handling fee of 1U, you will actually get 39U.


1. VIew Record

You can view the historical plane crash multiples at the top of the game page, and you can also view the historical profit and loss records in My Record. Start your little plane expedition now!

2. What's the Use of Automatic Cashout?

The best way to avoid damages caused by Internet lag is to use the automatic Cashout function. For example, if your connection is bad and you want to cashout at 2X, then we recommend that you set automatic cashout to 2X rather than cashout manually at 2X.

3. Top up your game account

The amount of bets used in the game will be deducted from your Spot account. If you need to top up your account, you can transfer USDT from another account to your Spot account. You can also view the financial records of the game in your Spot account.

4. Fairness

The game of Expedition is proof of fairness as illustrated and mentioned in the advertisement, all the results are predetermined through the encryption algorithm, therefore dealers can never do anything about the gaming result toward all players betting. You can also verify the results through verification tools. (Click [More] in the upper right corner of the game page to enter the verification interface)

Tracker torrent- provide by gaming operators BT torrent-the hash in bitcoin blockchain, the block is #709150. The next block will be announced 10 days in advance We get a random tracker torrent A and hash it, generate a new tracker torrent A and hash it to get A2, we keep on repeating this process till we have 1000000 tracker torrent A1000000.

The first game of Expedition uses A1000000(a0c7b0e5f6dc711923f5cd38fb137dd8ff8bf774a4a5dbecd8361cb0fe03d79d) collide to get results, the second game uses A999999 to collide and get results and so on.

The tracker torrent A and BT torrent B are combined and perform operations, then we get the gaming results from the certain formula manipulation with this hash.

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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