How are you doing, welcome to The SpaceRun Training Camp Phase 1. Choosing the right time to cashout is a skill that every pilot cadet needs to master. AAX instructors have prepared generous rewards for you. The little rocket is about to take off, let's go!

This training camp: 09:00 Jul. 28, 2022 (UTC) - Aug. 4, 2022 (UTC)

Participation method: Fill out the form

Entry:APP homepage—SpaceRun

Campaign One: 5USDT Rewards For Your first Successfully Cashout

During the training, you can get 5U rewards by completing a SpaceRun mission with a bet amount ≥ 5USDT and a flight distance ≥ 1.5x. For the first 1,000 pilots only, first come, first served.
(Campaign One is only for users who have never played SpaceRun before)

Campaign Two: 7U Beginner Camp Gift Pack

Don't be lazy in the training camp. You need to participate in SpaceRun every day, and complete ≥ 20 SpaceRun mission during the training period. The instructor has prepared a 7U gift pack for you. For the first 1,500 pilots only, first come first served.

7U Beginner Camp Gift Pack (5 USDT + 2U Battle Experience Coupon)

Campaign Three: Outstanding Cadets Will Share Extra 10,000 USDT

During the training camp, outstanding cadets whose cumulative bet amount is ≥ 200 USDT and whose flight distance multiple ranks in the top 50 can share 10,000 USDT according to their personal bet amount proportion.

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