Dear AAX users:

The exeno coin (EXN) will be rolled out on Launchpad as the first token of this phase, and we will hold the following campaign to reward our users.

Conditions to participate: Every project’s token subscription includes AAB payment and USDT payment, and users can choose different payment methods for token projects respectively.

Campaign link:

Conditions to obtain tickets:

1. Hold cryptos to obtain subscription tickets:

Holding amount of AAB spot account for each day needs to be ≥ 200 USDT 5 days before the start of the subscription. Every 200 USDT worth of AAB can earn you one subscription ticket. There is no max limit for users to obtain tickets.

2. Subscribe to Savings to obtain tickets :

AAB、BTC、ETH、USDT、USDC fixed savings holding amount for each day needs to be ≥ 100 USDT 5 days before the start of the subscription. Every 100 USDT fixed savings can earn you one subscription ticket.There is no max limit for users to obtain tickets.

3. Invite friends to obtain tickets:

Before the start of subscription, every friend you invited to register an account can earn you 1 ticket. Each person can obtain 4 tickets max for inviting friends. To obtain tickets by inviting friends, users can only use the invitation link shared on the IEO page.

4. Join the community to obtain tickets:

Before the start of subscription, joining the AAX Savings Community can earn you 1 ticket. Each person can obtain only 1 ticket max for joining the community.

Terms and conditions:

1. Users can subscribe to Launchpad projects after obtaining the subscription tickets, each ticket represents 40 USDT or 50 AAB subscription limit.

2. Users can deposit their own tickets and the amount that needs to be subscribed to participate in the subscription after the Launchpad subscription starts. After depositing, users are not allowed to withdraw till the end of the subscription. The subscription result is based on the tickets subscription rules that the total fundraising amount needs to carry out a random winning mechanism.

3. The winning result will be displayed to users within 1 working day after the subscription is completed. During the period, the subscription page will show the winning result is being calculated.

4. After users win the lot, the amount of tickets that won the lot and the amount of project tokens obtained displayed in the event page, the subscription amount that won the lot which will be deducted by the system, and the amount of tokens that won the lot by users will be distributed to users’ spot accounts.

5. Users’ unsuccessful subscription amount will still be stored in the subscription program. After the subscription is completed, the withdraw subscription amount button will be displayed. Users can click on the withdraw subscription amount button to redeem the unsuccessful subscription amount to spot accounts.

Project introduction:

As a globally renowned creator of innovations for the e-commerce sector, exeno is dedicated to becoming a leader in the crypto commerce industry. Since its establishment, exeno continues its push towards leading this sector, with a wide range of business coverage and multi-dimensional development. Not only is exeno deeply engaged within the cryptocurrency-based commerce, payment, and trading business, but the platform is also continuing to deploy ongoing iterations of newer versions,more features for users, and developing blockchain solutions from the ground up which will be launched also as third-party services in the future.

The company is promoting the layout of the platform ecosystem and has created the exeno coin (EXN) around the continuous optimization of the ecosystem. Currently, exeno coin supports BNB Chain, Ethereum and Polygon chain, and will open cooperation with more high-quality public chains in the future. Currently, there are limited channels available in the market to purchase EXN, but soon it will be listed on recognized exchanges. There is also a possibility to stake it, and bridge EXN s through its dApp.

It is the only company in the field of "e-commerce + cryptocurrency services" that focuses on the entire crypto commerce ecosystem, and its main business directions include: (1) improving user transaction experience; (2) innovation of payment system; (3) innovation of digital commerce platform/website; (4) providing more new features such as ID processing, messaging and commerce functions, etc.





Basic information

Project name: exeno

Full name and abbreviation of the token: exeno coin (EXN)

Project official website link:

Project jurisdiction/registered country: Marshall Islands

Contract address: https: //

Total supply: https: //

Link to whitepaper: https: //

Roadmap address:

Project Core Value:

EXN has a total token supply of 500,000,000 EXN. At the time the exeno team decided to deploy its own tokens, the project's vision for development and the values presented to users were as follows.

(1) Unlike other projects on the market, exeno has received significant funding during the R&D and product deployment phases, which has laid the foundation for later project operations and the expansion of the ecosystem.

(2) EXN will play a real role in complementing exeno's ultimate vision.

(3) EXN will not only play a real role in the exeno ecosystem, but will also empower support for the overall growth of cryptocurrency business by continuously exploiting its own unique value.

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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