Dear AAX users:

AAX will list exeno (EXN) soon, the specific time is as follows:

  • Trading available: 09:00 Oct. 06, 2022 (UTC)

  • Trading pair:EXN/USDT

  • Deposit & Withdrawal available: 09:00 Oct. 20, 2022 (UTC)

We will hold benefits activities below to reward our users:

All events period: 09:00 Sep. 30, 2022 - 09:00 Oct. 27, 2022 (UTC)

Event One:Online AMA

Telegram group:

AMA time: Sep 30 12:00 noon (UTC)

Join this AMA to get more information, users have a chance to get extra rewards.

Event Two: Follow & Retweet to Share 2,000 EXN

Event period: 09:00 Sep. 30, 2022 - 09:00 Oct. 07, 2022 (UTC)

During the campaign, users should

1. Follow AAX Official Twitter ( and EXENO Official Twitter (

2. Like and retweet the tweets regarding EXN listing on AAX twitter and hashtag #AAXlistsEXN and @ 3 of your friends.

3. Save your retweet link and your AAX UID, and fill in the form:

The system will randomly select 100 users who have completed the mission and give them each 20 EXN airdrop rewards.

Event Three: Deposit EXN and Share 2,000 EXN

Event period: 09:00 Oct. 20, 2022 - 09:00 Oct. 27, 2022 (UTC)

During the activity, users who deposit EXN from external addresses with net purchased amount (Deposit amount-withdrawal amount, doesn’t count in the internal transactions) ≥ 200 EXN can obtain a 20 EXN prize. Users will be rewarded as a time sequence, 2,000 EXN in total in the prize pool. First come, first served.

Event Four: Trade EXN, Share 20,000 EXN

Event period: 09:00 Oct. 06, 2022 - 09:00 Oct. 13, 2022 (UTC)

During the campaign, users who trade EXN with the amount exceeding 1,000 USDT (purchased + sold) can share the rewards according to the ranking.


Trading Volume (USDT)

Rewards Amount (EXN)


≥ 300,000

4,200 EXN


≥ 200,000

2,800 EXN


≥ 100,000

1,400 EXN


≥ 50,000

Share 4,000 EXN according to personal trading amount proportion


≥ 10,000

Share 2,800 EXN according to personal trading amount proportion


≥ 1,000

Share 2,800 EXN according to personal trading amount proportion

In addition, users who trade EXN over 1,000 USDT and whose daily average AAB holdings are greater than 1,000 AAB during the event can share an additional 2,000 EXN according to the proportion of their personal trading volume.

Event Five: Subscribe to EXN Fixed Savings, Share 14,000 EXN

AAX will roll out the high-interest EXN fixed savings products from 09:00 Oct. 05, 2022 (UTC) - 09:00 Oct. 08, 2022 (UTC).

During the campaign, users who subscribe to EXN fixed savings with the amount exceeding 200 EXN can get an extra 20 EXN. (You will be disqualified if you redeem early.) For 100 users only according to the subscription time, first come, first served. 12,000 EXN will be the savings interest.

Fixed Saving Period


Min investment amount for a single user

Max investment amount for a single user

10 days


20 EXN

400 EXN

30 days


20 EXN

2,000 EXN

60 days


20 EXN

2,000 EXN

90 days


20 EXN

2,000 EXN

Terms and conditions:

  1. During the event period, if there is malicious wash trading activities, batch registration of numbers and other cheating behavior detected, AAX reserves the right to disqualify the users reward or freeze users’ accounts.

  2. AAX reserves the rights to dynamically adjust the token type, interest rate and individual minimum & maximum subscription amount with reference to market situations and risk levels.

  3. Rewards will be distributed to users’ spot accounts after 10 working days after these events end.

Project introduction:

As a globally renowned creator of innovations for the e-commerce sector, exeno is dedicated to becoming a leader in the crypto commerce industry. Since its establishment, exeno continues its push towards leading this sector, with a wide range of business coverage and multi-dimensional development. Not only is exeno deeply engaged within the cryptocurrency-based commerce, payment, and trading business, but the platform is also continuing to deploy ongoing iterations of newer versions,more features for users, and developing blockchain solutions from the ground up which will be launched also as third-party services in the future.

The company is promoting the layout of the platform ecosystem and has created the exeno coin (EXN) around the continuous optimization of the ecosystem. Currently, exeno coin supports BNB Chain, Ethereum and Polygon chain, and will open cooperation with more high-quality public chains in the future. Currently, there are limited channels available in the market to purchase EXN, but soon it will be listed on recognized exchanges. There is also a possibility to stake it, and bridge EXN s through its dApp.

It is the only company in the field of "e-commerce + cryptocurrency services" that focuses on the entire crypto commerce ecosystem, and its main business directions include: (1) improving user transaction experience; (2) innovation of payment system; (3) innovation of digital commerce platform/website; (4) providing more new features such as ID processing, messaging and commerce functions, etc.





Recent press release:

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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AAX reserves all rights in this announcement, including but not limited to, the right to adjust, interpret and terminate it at any time without prior notice.

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