Dear AAX users:

The Launchpad Crypto Pirates (PST) will be rolled out on Launchpad as the first token of this phase, and we will hold the following campaigns to reward our users.

Conditions to participate: Every project’s token subscription includes AAB payment and USDT payment, and users can choose different payment methods for token projects respectively.

Campaign link:

Conditions to obtain tickets:

1. Hold cryptos to obtain subscription tickets:

Holding amount of AAB spot account for each day needs to be ≥ 200 USDT 5 days before the start of the subscription. Every 200 USDT worth of AAB can earn you one subscription ticket. There is no max limit for users to obtain tickets.

2. Subscribe to Savings to obtain tickets:

AAB、BTC、ETH、USDT、USDC fixed savings holding amount for each day needs to be ≥ 100 USDT 5 days before the start of the subscription. Every 100 USDT fixed savings can earn you one subscription ticket.There is no max limit for users to obtain tickets.

3. Invite friends to obtain tickets:

Before the start of subscription, every friend you invited to register an account can earn you 1 ticket. Each person can obtain a maximum of 4 tickets for inviting friends. To obtain tickets by inviting friends, users can only use the invitation link shared on the IEO page.

4. Join the community to obtain tickets:

Before the start of subscription, joining the AAX Savings Community can earn you 1 ticket. Each person can obtain only 1 ticket maximum for joining the community.

Campaign Rules:

1. Users can subscribe to Launchpad projects after obtaining the subscription tickets, each ticket represents 13 USDT or 13 AAB subscription limit.

2. Users can deposit their own tickets and the amount that needs to be subscribed to participate in the subscription after the Launchpad subscription starts. After depositing, users are not allowed to withdraw their funds till the end of the subscription. The subscription result is based on the ticket subscription rules that the total fundraising amount needs to carry out a random winning mechanism.

3. The winning result will be displayed to users within 1 working day after the subscription is completed. During the period, the subscription page will show the winning result as it is being calculated.

4. After users win the lot, the amount of tickets that won the lot and the amount of project tokens obtained displayed in the event page, the subscription amount that won the lot which will be deducted by the system, and the amount of tokens that won the lot by users will be distributed to users’ spot accounts.

5. Users’ unsuccessful subscription amount will still be stored in the subscription program. After the subscription is completed, the withdraw subscription amount button will be displayed. Users can click on the withdraw subscription amount button to redeem the unsuccessful subscription amount to spot accounts.

Project Introduction:

Crypto Pirates is an idle P2E game that boasts a unique pixel art style, offers a fun way to make a profit, and provides a sense of grand pirate adventure. Players navigate solar-sailed ships through the vast expanse of space, engaging in PvE battles with mysterious monsters and dangerous bosses, and challenging other pirates in PvP skirmishes. The game has several in-game currencies and collectibles: resources, trophies, Doubloons, and artifacts. Each of them is essential for earning Piastr/$PST, the game’s native token.

Key features:

  • Zero initial investment

  • NFTs are used to improve ship stats

  • Memorable art design

  • Idle gameplay

  • PvE, PvP

  • 96 Unique Mobs including ferocious Bosses

  • Random Events like Meteor Showers or Black Holes

  • Ship customization

  • 3 ship modes: Aggressive, Balanced, Peaceful

Crypto Pirates entered the Open Beta Test on October 5th. Soon, the game will launch IDO on several launchpads. The game has a dedicated player community of over 105K users across various social platforms, and a passionate development team aiming to make Crypto Pirates one of the best blockchain gaming projects.

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Project Highlights

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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