Dear AAX users:

With the booming development of the crypto market, more and more users are exposed to cryptocurrency transactions, which also gives scammers an opportunity to take advantage. We hereby remind our users to be alert to the scams in the crypto market to avoid losing funds. Due to the irreversibility of blockchain transfers and the anonymity of user information, once the corresponding transfer occurs or the account information is leaked, your funds may not be recovered!

In order to prevent fraudulent tactics, AAX actively promotes various knowledge of scam prevention and control, and the following tips will illustrate common fraudulent tactics.

● Impersonating staff to contact users

For example, fraudulent activities are carried out under the name of AAX staff, including using the name of AAX customer service and AAX staff to call users, adding telegram IDs, and adding users to fake telegram groups and other communities.

Typical scams also include some of the following tactics:

1.They add your telegram ID / WeChat / QQ and other social accounts, ask for your email, send links / QR codes, and let users click to fill out account information, sign in to the corresponding account and bank account, etc. They use a series of operations to steal your assets.

2.They ask the user to share with the fake "customer service" remotely, and let the customer service "guide" to operate your account. In addition, the account information will be stolen by asking you for a mobile phone verification code, a Google verification code, or authorization to log in from a different place, on the grounds of verifying whether the operation is performed by yourself.

3.They provide you with fake URLs and instruct you to withdraw coins to the so-called "safe account" or transfer to a designated account address to complete "account unfreezing", "asset conversion", etc., to further steal your assets.

4.They use fake official SMS, emails, phone calls, etc. to claim that the account involves black money, the account is high risk, the account is frozen, the operation is required to unblock it, or the user is to be canceled, the service is no longer provided, and the order is required to be verified by SMS. And they will let you to withdraw coins to a so-called "secure account", perform "asset conversion", provide 2FA on the phone, ask to scan a QR code or go to a phishing website to verify an order, etc.

5.They create a group under the guise of an official AAX account, and conduct scams in the name of swaps, interest generation, smart contracts, and other activities, claiming to be the so-called "official" AAX account.

How to identify scams: AAX information will be issued from the official AAX website. If there is no activity on the official website, please do not be deceived. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service first to avoid scams!

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Beware of below fraud impersonate AAX

Beware of fraud and risk warning from AAX

AAX Team

Nov. 03, 2022

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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