Dear AAX users:

AAX will delist the EXN/USDT trading pair at 09:00 (UTC) on Nov.8, 2022, and has closed ENX deposit business; The withdrawal business of EXN will be closed at 09:00 (UTC) on Dec. 8, 2022. Our platform will do the following for EXN holders.

1. The EXN obtained through the Launchpad exeno (EXN) campaign and still held before the delisting:

The platform will repurchase directly at the purchase price, and the repurchased assets will be USDT. After the repurchase is completed, a 10USDT spot fee rebate coupon and a 5USDT Battle coupon will be issued as compensation.

2. The coins held by depositing and purchasing in the trading market:

The platform will continue to retain EXN's coin withdrawal business, please withdraw coins to other platforms or personal external wallets as soon as possible during the coin withdrawal business retention period. The platforms that currently support EXN deposits and transactions are:

2.1. Lbank:

2.2. BitMart:

For more info, please refer to:

Please note: EXN supported by the above two exchanges is the Matic chain (ETH's 2-layer network), and AAX is connected to the ERC20 chain. If you deposit directly, it may not be directly credited to the account. Please do a cross-chain exchange before depositing. Or you can directly deposit into your own ERC20 wallet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the official CS. Thank you for your support of AAX!

AAX Team

Nov. 8, 2022

Risk notice: Digital currency deals are risky. Please pay serious attention to your trading and purchase with care. AAX is not responsible for your loss due to any behavior of your trading.


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AAX reserves all rights in this announcement, including but not limited to, the right to adjust, interpret and terminate it at any time without prior notice.

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